Director Jae Huun Ahn

Ahn, Jae-Hoon 
"My drawings would never compare to the life that nature bears,
but I hope my pieces that are drawn with experience, dedication, and sacrifice
will bring thoughts to someone who sees it."
<Work Experience>

1992 Entered animation field as an animator.
1998 Directed a short animated film, <One Day of Hitchcock>
2000 Directed a short animated film, <Innocent Joy>
2004 Directed OVA <Kwan & Woon>
2005 Directed OVA <I'm Sorry, I Love You>
2009 Directed TV series <Winter Sonata>
2011 Directed and released a feature film <Green Days>
2014 Directed and released a feature film <The Road Called Life>

Director Ahn Jae Hoon is an animation director who started his career as an animator and founded one of the first animation studios which applied systematic production pipeline in South Korea. His studio, Meditation With a Pencil, creates films under the ideal of "drawings that cure, colours that touch one's heart ".  


He boasts a wide range of experiences from film to digital process of making animation, and he is also the only director to have directed shorts, TV Series, Commercials, OVA and feature length films.